Showcase your direct-ship products from your own Amazon storefront, generating some cash for yourself with the help of the leader in online selling.

Amazon MWS by Imagine Retailer offers you unmatched control over your drop-ship endeavors:

  • Seamlessly select your own tailored inventory from entire drop-ship catalogs, plus set your own pricing on any and all items in your inventory, giving your customers exactly what you know they want, at the right price.
  • Experience instant notice of new order submissions to your Imagine Retailer dashboard and Amazon Seller Central account, plus timely updates to you inventory, removing the chance backorder sales and improving your standing with customers.
  • Rest assured that all transactions are securely handled by the reputable Amazon brand.

Amazon, Imagine Retailer, the drop-ship manufacturer, and automated order fulfillment:

  • Order Placement: Amazon order submissions are relayed to the proper drop-ship company from Imagine Retailer using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Order Confirmation: The customer is notified of their purchase submission and given all necessary specifics with the corresponding order.
  • Consumer Tracking: Tracking details are forwarded to the customer so they know when to anticipate the arrival of their order.
  • Inventory Adjustments: Buyer confidence is kept in the fulfillment of each order, as inventory is automatically altered to reflect the products you actually have in stock
  • Order Notification: You, your customer, and all additional parties are informed of the successful completion of the order.

Enjoy an inexpensive, efficient, and effective way to earn more revenue for your business using Amazon MWS, coming in at only $100/month per vendor with your Imagine Retailer website.

Start selling today! Learn more about Amazon MWS by contacting [email protected], (800)549-9206 ext. 7.

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