How it Works

At its core, email marketing is a valuable service that allows you to send branded emails to your subscriber list to promote your products and services. We notice email marketing works powerfully in conjunction with an integrated shopping cart to help you sell more products.

When you subscribe to email marketing, we create a branded email template to send from. This template is designed to match your Website, showing your company colors, logo and phone number. Once we design your template and upload it to your dashboard, you're ready to start sending!

We make it extremely easy to send to your subscriber base in our simple 3-step process. First, simply give your email campaign a subject line, choose a subscriber list to send to, and choose to send your blast immediately or schedule it for a later date.

Second, build you email campaign. We have numerous email templates for you to choose from to layout your content in different designs. You can insert text, images and even products into your template, and the cool thing is, when someone clicks on a product in your email template, it sends them directly to that product on your Website - dramatically increasing the chance of making an online sale if you have a shopping cart integrated.

Finally, once you've entered all your content into your email campaign, you're ready to send. We make it easy to proof and see your email by giving you the option to send a test to yourself before you send it out to your subscriber list. Once you're happy with your email, go ahead and send it or schedule it.

Obtaining and Managing Your Subscribers

You'll find your email subscriber list is constantly growing as we make it simple for people to subscribe to your email marketing list through our sidebar email signup widget, and through your current offer page. Further, if you have an additional list of email subscribers, it can easily be uploaded to your subscriber section. Subscribers can also be imported one-by-one if you like.

We also make it stress-free to manage your subscriber list. You can create unique lists in your dashboard, and send specific email promotions to specific lists. Further, you can export your email subscribers as well.


Looking to find the effectiveness of your latest email campaign? We've got that data too in our email marketing analytics section. We provide valuable stats directly into your dashboard showing the number of emails sent, opens, clicks and bounces.