Did you know...

the current online shopping cart abandonment rate is at 69.23% 1. However, with remarketing:

  • 31.% of opened emails were clicked at least once to send the consumer back to the Website or abandoned product 2
  • 28.2% of clicks from emails led to an abandoned cart conversion 3

Imagine Retailer's remarketing platform is designed to target your customers who abandon your Website's shopping cart. In other words, when a customer adds an item(s) to their shopping cart but doesn't buy it, they have abandoned their cart. With Imagine Retailer's innovative remarketing system, you can send up to three timely, professional and promotional emails to customers who abandon their cart to persuade them to come back and buy your merchandise!

Here's how it works:

1. Get your customer to provide you with their name and email address.
To target your customers who abandon their cart, you'll need their name and email address. We make it simple to obtain their name and email address with the promotional popup box we place on your Website. This popup box offers your customer some kind of deal in exchange for their name and email address. Once they provide their name and email address, they'll get an email with your promotion in it. But more importantly, you have a shopping cart user you can target if they abandon their cart, as well as another lead for email marketing.

2. Create your targeted emails for customers who abandon their cart.
Create up to three promotional emails to send out to your customers who abandon their cart. You can schedule any of the emails to go out anywhere between 1 and 96 hours after cart abandonment. In these emails, you can include a special offer for people who return to your Website to checkout (such as an online coupon code that can only be unlocked by receiving an abandoned cart email), email title, content and a direct link back to their shopping cart to buy your merchandise. For the greatest success, we'd recommend sending 3 emails, with increasing discount amounts in each email, such as 3% off in the 1st email, 5% off in the 2nd email, and 7% off in the 3rd email with the subject line, "Final Chance to Take 7% off Your Online Order!"

3. Watch your sales increase when customers come back and checkout from your abandoned cart emails!
You should be very optimistic that remarketing will increase online sales, after looking at some of the data compiled by SalesCycle, a Virginia based remarketing firm:

  • 29.9% of abandoned cart email clicks lead to the customer returning to complete their transaction.
  • 44.1% of abandoned cart emails are opened.
  • 11.6% people click on a link in the email to return to your Website.

So what are you waiting for?
Give remarketing a chance and watch your online cart conversion increase! Click Here to Get Started with Remarketing.