(Package 1) Imagine Retailer Website Powered by RetailCatalog.us... $579 / month (one-time setup fee: $599)

The Imagine Retailer Website powered by RetailCatalog.us starts at $579 a month and includes a shopping cart. RetailCatalog.us provides us with nearly 1 million products from the top furniture, appliances and electronics manufacturers. These are complete catalogs and always up to date. With this package, you can show up to 5 complete catalogs (in addition to our Ashley feed), totaling 6 complete catalogs for $579.

(Package 2) Imagine Retailer Website Powered by RetailCatalog.us... $799 / month (one-time setup fee: $599)

Show unlimited brands and catalogs up to 100,000 items from RetailCatalog.us with package 2, includes a shopping cart. RetailCatalog.us provides us with nearly 1 million products from the top furniture, appliances and electronics manufacturers. These are complete catalogs and always up to date.

(Package 3) Single Vendor Website (Includes Shopping Cart)... $249 / month

The single vendor Website is designed to show one catalog.

Package: Includes 6 pages (Home page, About Us page, Contact Us page, Current Offer, Financing and your product catalog), a shopping cart, plus the same features of the Imagine Retailer Website which include dashboard log in, analytics, etc..

Product Catalog: This Website package is designed to show only one catalog. If you want to show more than one catalog, we have additional packages above that will show up to 6 catalogs, or up to 100,000 items.

Website Features: It all starts with a really cool design theme (choose from 18 themes), then we add your logo and store information. You even get to pick the color scheme. There are plenty of pages to tell your story: Home, Furniture, Current Offer, Financing, About Us, Contact Us. You can add a Blog for $100 more, or delete pages you don't need.

Home: A special online-only offer is visible on every page, as is your current advertising in other media and a video touting your store (we can produce one for you if you like, or leave it off entirely). Every page features a search field, store locator and links to your best brands. The navigation is easy to use and designed to pull your customer through your site and into your store. Your Home page features a welcome message from you and rotating pictures to add energy and movement.

Furniture: You're gonna love your Furniture page! Right off the bat you can show unlimited products on your Imagine Retailer Website that exist in our master product catalog (if you want to show a product on your Imagine Retailer Website that does not exist in our master product catalog, we will build it for you for a one-time fee, and you are also free to build your own products at no additional charge). You get to decide if you'll show pricing or not, and your customer has options, too: they can contact you, email a friend or print each page.

Shopping Cart: Let your Website make you money with our shopping cart! Imagine Retailer gives you numerous ways you can checkout on an ecommerce Website, providing you with the flexibility to choose what works best:

  • Authorize.net - This is the traditional method which integrates a payment gateway with your merchant account. It accepts all major credit cards.
  • Stripe - Start selling online immediately with Stripe! Stripe accepts all major credit cards. No setup fee, no monthly fees. Simply enter your email address into our dashboard, and your Stripe account will be setup. You'll get an email from Stripe to integrate your bank account.
  • PayPal - Our shopping cart can integrate with PayPal, giving customers the flexibility to purchase with their PayPal account.
  • PayPal Bill Me Later - This is PayPal's financing option and quite similar to layaway. PayPal gives the customer a credit line with which the customer can pay their purchase back in monthly installments. We actually find PayPal Bill Me Later is better than layaway because funds for the entire purchase are immediately deposited into the dealer's PayPal account. Customers can receive their furniture immediately. There are no issues with warehousing products on layaway. There is no threat of discontinued items not being available when layaway payments are finally completed by the customer. And, there are no layaway financial management, refund or collection hassles.
  • FlexShopper - FlexShopper is free for you to use on your Website (shopping cart needed), and will help you sell to more than 50 million potential customers with little-to-no cash and/or bad credit! When you sign up with FlexShopper, a lease to own company, and integrate them into your Website, all of your priced products will automatically show a weekly price. Your customers can purchase your items at FlexShopper's weekly price, after which FlexShopper will reimburse you for the total ticket sale within 24 to 48 hours, and then FlexShopper assumes all responsibility for collecting the weekly payments (all transactions are non-recourse).

Current Offer: Your Current Offer page features a high-impact printable coupon that coordinates with your traditional media. You build a database of motivated customers to contact with tips, trends, special offers and online only sales by asking for the customer's name, email address, telephone number and buying needs. We also automatically track each website visitor - where they live, which pages they visit, how long they stay on your site, when they leave and even what program they use. This goldmine of information is emailed to you weekly, and it's an invaluable tool for gauging the success of your site and your strategy.

Financing: This is where you can link to your finance company so your customers can apply online. You can also feature up to three specific offers available now, or talk about your finance options.

Blog: This optional page is perfect for sharing practical, useful information with your customers. Link to other social media and magnify the impact. We'll teach you how, and a simple button we place on your site takes customers to your Facebook or Twitter page instantly.

About Us: Tell a story about your history and values, showcase your storefront or showroom and include bios and pics of your staff.

Contact Us: Beyond the obvious store address and phone number, customers can also check your hours, get Google driving directions to your store, send you an email or complete an online contact form.

Dashboard: Log into your dashboard to take control of your Website's pages, product catalog and more, at any time and any place. Our user-friendly dashboard let's you control everything from one single location. Plus, your Online Specialist is there to provide you with support to teach you how to use your dashboard to price your products, edit page content, change your rotating banners, change your promotions, check your analytics, send an email blast and so much more!

Mobile Site: The Ashley Signature Design theme uses responsive Web design to make it adaptable to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Additional Features:

  • Rotating Banners: Home page rotating banner designed to show on all operating systems and devices.
  • Responsive Web Design: All Websites are converted to be mobile friendly.
  • Videos: Embed video on any page. Plus our flexible sidebar video player is compatible across all operating systems and devices.
  • Pinning Products: Pin products to your pages to create custom sale pages and galleries.
  • Media Manager: Convenient media manager allows you to upload files and quickly add them to your pages.
  • Analytics: The ability to quickly and easily see traffic sources and patterns helps businesses decide what's working... and what's not. Results are measured in real time through Google analytics, so reaction time is instant.
  • Help Section: Our thorough help section provides detailed articles and instructions for every page on your dashboard.
  • Gift Registry: We partner with myregistry.com to allow you to add a registry button to all of your products so your customers can create a unique registry on their site.
  • Wishlist: With a shopping cart, your customers can add their items to their wishlist to purchase at a later date, print out bring into your store, or log into their wishlist at a computer in your store.
  • Dropdowns: Conveniently add drop down tabs (and even a mega-drop down) to your Website's menu bar.

Also worth noting:

  • Also includes hosting on a stable server that can handle all your traffic.
  • Convenient recurring credit card billing.