Boost Your Sales with Ecommerce Website

Make more money and start selling more furniture with an ecommerce Website! Billions of dollars worth of furniture is sold online each year, now’s your time to get on the bandwagon and start selling more!

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of selling furniture online, consider this. According to an article on, online furniture sales in 2013 were predicted to reach $9 billion! While the furniture industry sold $101.41 billion worth of goods in 2013, online sales accounted for 7.3% of all sales, and experts expect online sales growth to rise. With the rise in internet companies like Amazon, Ebay, craiglist,, etc … selling online is becoming the new norm, and consumers expect and love the convenience of shopping online.

Now is the perfect time to open an ecommerce Website, or even add a shopping cart onto your existing Website. Image Retailer offers 3 solutions to sell your furniture online:

At Imagine Retailer, our powerful Websites and online selling solutions can help you make more money! Contact us today to learn more about selling online.

Check Out Our Crest Financial Shopping Cart!

good-credit-furniturebanner2.jpgYour customers are just one click away from immediate financing through Crest Financial!

Click here to checkout out our Crest Financial demo site.

It’s simple and easy to get your customers approved for financing from Crest through your Imagine Retailer Website. And once they’re approved, they’ll be provided a credit limit and coupon code to use in your shopping cart to purchase their products through your Website with their new credit limit. All of this happens immediately through your Website! No paperwork to fill out, no links to other Websites, no emails.

Here’s how:

  1. We help you insert your Crest Financial Dealer ID into your Website’s shopping cart. This creates an application page directly on your Website.
  2. We provide you with the text and images to place on your financing page to link to your Crest Financial Application. Click here to view the financing page.
  3. After the customer fills out the financing application, they’ll be provided a credit limit and a coupon code straight through your Website. Click here to view a receipt of the coupon code.
  4. Your customer can then use this coupon code directly in your Website’s shopping cart to purchase your products using their new credit limit. Click here to view how to use coupon code in shopping cart.

It’s simple with Crest Financial! Get your customers immediately approved today so they can use their new credit limit in your Website’s shopping cart!

Create a Google Place Page and Help Get Your Website Found

These days “Just Google It!” is more relevant than Nike’s infamous “Just Do It” campaign. Most people “Just Google it” to find businesses, addresses, phone numbers and other information about products and services. Search engines simplify our lives, and Google clearly dominates the field. But guess what? Google is only as smart as we make it. This article explains the how you can provide Google with information about your store, and help customers find your business and website – and, by the way, it’s totally free.

Your Imagine Retailer website has many built-in features that make it easy for your customers to come and find you when they surf the web, but there are other methods you should also use to increase your internet exposure. These strategies are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and they move your website to the top of the list of search results and attract more people to your site. You can pay for SEO campaigns, just like you pay for advertising campaigns, but this series of articles shows you no-cost and low-cost ways you can maximize your website investment.

Google Maps and Google Places will put your business on the map, literally. The “Contact Us” page on your Imagine Retailer website already includes a Google map, but you should also complete the free registration for Google Places. You must have a free Google account to register your business, and the process is confirmed by mail in 12-21 days to ensure that your location is “real” and you are the real owner.

Getting Started. Put your business on the map by visiting Google Places at You will need to enter your gmail address and password in the areas below:



Listing your business. You will first be asked to enter your business’s country and main phone number. After doing this, you will be asked to enter some basic information so that Google can put your business on the map.



Submitting your Google Place. After you list all the pertinent information for your business, Google will make a map that shows your business and all its information. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click submit.



Mail Confirmation. Google will mail you a postcard at the address provided to verify your business. Visit the link on the postcard or call the number that will be provided to finish setting up your Google Place page.



That’s it! You’ve just successfully placed your business on Google Places.

SEO strategies that increase website visitors are great, but at Imagine Retailer we never forget that your only goal (both in-store and online) is to sell more stuff. Providing this extra information about your business will help drive customers to your Website and into your store to help you achieve this goal.