Check Out Our Crest Financial Shopping Cart!

good-credit-furniturebanner2.jpgYour customers are just one click away from immediate financing through Crest Financial!

Click here to checkout out our Crest Financial demo site.

It’s simple and easy to get your customers approved for financing from Crest through your Imagine Retailer Website. And once they’re approved, they’ll be provided a credit limit and coupon code to use in your shopping cart to purchase their products through your Website with their new credit limit. All of this happens immediately through your Website! No paperwork to fill out, no links to other Websites, no emails.

Here’s how:

  1. We help you insert your Crest Financial Dealer ID into your Website’s shopping cart. This creates an application page directly on your Website.
  2. We provide you with the text and images to place on your financing page to link to your Crest Financial Application. Click here to view the financing page.
  3. After the customer fills out the financing application, they’ll be provided a credit limit and a coupon code straight through your Website. Click here to view a receipt of the coupon code.
  4. Your customer can then use this coupon code directly in your Website’s shopping cart to purchase your products using their new credit limit. Click here to view how to use coupon code in shopping cart.

It’s simple with Crest Financial! Get your customers immediately approved today so they can use their new credit limit in your Website’s shopping cart!

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