How It Works

01 How it works

1. Sign up for a Website!

Sign up for one of our Website packages today, and we'll get your website online in less than 30 days (granted that you provide us with the necessary content and questions in a timely manner).

2. Your dedicated Online Specialist will contact you and provide you with a questionnaire.

After you sign up for a Website, you'll be assigned a dedicated Online Specialist; your Online Specialist will be your point of contact to help you get your Website up and running, and maintain it down the road. Your Online Specialist will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out so that we can gather the necessary information to build your Website.

02 How it works
03 How it works

3. Based on your questionnaire, your Online Specialist works with you to get your Website built.

In the questionnaire, we ask you to choose a theme, choose three colors, and provide us with your logo. When you do this, our graphic designer will create a design draft to show you what your Website will look like. When you approve this, we style your Website to match the design draft. All the while the design process is going on, your Online Specialist can begin adding content to the Website you provided in the questionnaire.

4. You give final approval and your Website goes live!

After the Website has been styled, your content has been added and your products are on the Website, it's time to make your Website live! Once you give final approval to make it live, your Online Specialist will work with our technical department to make your Website live. Also, your Online Specialst can train you how to log in and use the dashboard so you can manage your Website, if you so choose.

04 How it works

More about how it works:

Imagine Retailer maximizes your current advertising – print, television, radio, direct mail – by driving traffic to your online marketing, where every website visitor is tracked, traced and tempted with online-only offers, full-featured product galleries and helpful, informative and persuasive information.

Each time a customer visits your Shopify website, we’re asking for their personal information and tracking where they go, what they look for, and how long they stay on your site. Concise (and really cool) reports are automatically sent to you each week so you know exactly what’s working – and what’s not.

You’re always in complete control of your Shopify website: you say when your offers go up and when they come down – you can make changes every week if you want. Shopify's simple backend system allows you to securely upload files, request changes and add options to every aspect of your site. There’s no code to learn, no HTML hassle, no technical talk to make your head spin – just an easy, intuitive interface where you tell us what to do. Plus, real live people are available to help!

Starting with a template that’s easy to navigate and designed for proven results, you customize your site right down to the color scheme. Wrapped in this slick shell you’ll find the following pages:

  • Home
    • Re-arrangeable home page content
    • Customizable menu and footer bars
    • Prominently features your current ad to maximize impact and increase sales
    • Rotating banner to showcase promotions, your products, etc ...
    • Showcase your customer reviews on your homepage and products pages. Utilize them to build more trust with your customers with Imagine Retailer's customer review section! (this is an add-on service)
    • Showcase a video about your store
    • Online-only offer that asks for valuable contact information
    • Quick links to your online catalogs
    • Custom welcome message to greet your customers
    • Search field
    • Links to your best brands
    • Much more!
  • Furniture
    • Online product catalogs that we build for you! You’ll never have to look for product images, write your own descriptive copy and scrounge for information! Unlimited items are included in the base price of the Imagine Retailer Website. Note, the Ashley Signature Design Website will show your full Ashley catalog with a shopping cart for the base price of $249 a month.
    • Customers can share your products on their social media (so can you, by the way – and we’ll teach you how)
    • Customers can email your product to a friend, print the catalog page or instantly contact you for more information
    • You can choose to show prices or not
    • Optional eCommerce package extends your opportunities to sell online. Our exclusive cart was designed for simplicity and stellar sales.
    • Pin products to your pages to create custom galleries
  • Current Offer
    • Give a little, get a little – you give a nice online-only offer your customer can print and redeem in your store, and you get their name, email address and phone number
    • “I am interested in…” field generates motivated leads
    • This polite opt-in grants you permission to send future targeted email marketing messages
  • Financing
    • Link to the online finance companies of your choice
    • Explain your financing philosophy
  • Blog
    • Reach out and touch someone, 21st century style. This optional add-on comes with technical training on how to blog, plus valuable lessons on what to write, how to write, and how to gather content
  • About Us
    • This is your time to shine with custom content and pictures of your storefront, showroom or staff
  • Contact Us
    • Cover all the bases: street address, driving directions with Google Maps, email
    • Also includes store hours