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Dealer Specific Feed

What is the Ashley Direct Data Feed & How Does it Work

What does the Ashley Specific Feed do?

The Ashley Specific Feed will pull all of the products from the dealer’s Ashley Direct account and place them on the retailer’s Website. The feed will update weekly each weekend.

What if there are Discontinued Products in the retailer’s Ashley Direct Account?

If there are discontinued products in the retailer’s Ashley Direct account, these products will not be placed on the retailer’s Website.

How Long Does it Take to Integrate the Ashley Specific Feed?

It can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to integrate the Ashley Specific feed into a Website.

Here are the steps we follow to integrate the feed:

  • After an Ashley Marketing Specialist fills out the form, we at Imagine Retailer receive an email.
  • We at Imagine Retailer send this email to Ashley Corporate to initiate the feed and hook up the data to the account’s Ashley Direct account.
  • Once this is done, the Dealer Specific Feed will automatically add the account’s products to their Website and it will update every Sunday.

Please note, we handle these requests on a one-by-one basis. Also, because Ashley Corporate handles the data integration, there is no real way for us to check the status of a particular account.